Centre Of Hope Church (C.H.C)
Centre Of Hope Church  (C.H.C)

CHC is Christ’s Church with both present and  online community.

We believe that engaging with the church is beyond the walls of the church itself, and that is why we are passionate about CHC fellowship. We are connecting people from all over the world for one unified purpose: sharing the love of Jesus Christ and building a community of believers.

Whether you have ever attended Christ’s Church in Bugiri , Uganda, or simply join us online, we want you to be a part of this community and engage with our mission: Redeeming us back to God.

We want to partner with you as you grow in your relationship with Jesus. We are one body. And we are excited to connect with you!

Charity volunteering 

Wama Development Foundation (WDF) is a Non-government Organization that was founded in the year 2015. WDF is focused on promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable and marginalized people through empowerment of communities and individuals in Uganda. Our target populations are; vulnerable and marginalized people, majority of who are women, youth and children. This includes children in exploitative forms of work and those at risk of exploitation; vulnerable and marginalized women and children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, persons with disability, women, youth and the low income earn


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